Genesis 11:5

The Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which mortals had built. Genesis 11:5

Celebrating Diversity

I am celebrating the diversity of Islam, of the Muslim Ummah. I smile about the African-American man who approached me recently at the Broad Street Market, saying enthusiastically "Asalaam aleikum wa rahmatulLAH!" My heart feels warm when I remember the kind Indonesian hijabi woman who I spoke with in Market Square a few weeks back. We are from different worlds, but we felt a close bond with each other, based on our common faith. I'm thankful for the lovely Sudanese woman who I've been chatting with at the bus stop in Harrisburg this week. We exchange warm greetings and ask about one another's families as if we're old friends - our common ground in Islam is the basis of this warm friendship that took only seconds to embrace. Without wearing the hijab, none would have known that I am Muslim, and I would not have been able to recognise these Muslimah without theirs either. I commented to my friend that one of the advantages of Islamic dress is that it makes the Muslim community more visible, to others and one another. It brings joy to the hijabi woman's heart to see another woman wearing hijab. Instantly, we feel the connection and support and love for one another.

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